myLifeCollected is a suite of applications for DSiWare which we think will make your life more fun and enjoyable!

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Make a note each day, set alarms and reminders to organise your life.

Out Now in EU/AU & NZ, Coming Soon to the Americas

You will see that days note on the opposite screen.

Tap a day to see the note

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Tap on a day in the calendar to see the note. Tap it again to edit it.

When you are editing a note tap the alarm icon at the top to add or edit an alarm.

Alarms will trigger anytime you are using myDiary.

If you have not turned myDiary on in a while any alarms will trigger to let you know what you have missed!

Add alarms to help you remember things

As you use myDiary you will unlock extra themes and inks to personalise it with.

If you own other Nnooo software you will open up these themes quicker and there are some bonus ones to unlock too!

Themes let you change the colour of the whole diary.

Inks will change the ink colour for all the notes you have written.

Themes and inks

And you can start to edit the note. Use the different pencil thicknesses to write or draw your note.

Tap again to edit it