myLifeCollected is a suite of applications for DSiWare which we think will make your life more fun and enjoyable!

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myNotebook has pages which you can write or draw on. Just grab your stylus and start writing.

Make Notes and more...

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The toolbar at the side of each page allows you to select different tools for editing your data.

Choose a pen or pencil, the ink colour and the pen or pencil’s line thickness and get writing!

You can also clear the whole page or data or just use the eraser to remove bits and pieces.

Tools of the trade

Each time you turn a page myNotebook will automatically save the last pages changes so you don’t lose any data.

When you power off the data will be preserved so you can quickly get back to taking notes next time.

Saved automatically

Each notebook allows you to choose between squared or lined paper. You can also unlock 18 different paper styles which allow you to personalise your notebook.

Just tap on the lined or squared icon on each page to change the paper type!

Paper Types

Quick Resume

Next time you start myNotebook it will automatically open at the page you left it so you can get back to writing quicker.

Some blue paper types

Some green paper types

Some red paper types

Make lists, take notes, doodle or play your favourite pen and paper games.

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How do I unlock all of the different page styles?

Different page styles are unlocked by: Using the notebook frequently (starting it up), writing a lot and by owning other Nnooo software

Best selling DSiWare title

Carbon, Pearl and Tan

Blue, Red and Green

Carbon, Pearl and Tan have the following features:

  1. 128 pages to write, draw and doodle on

  2. The ability to export your notes to your Nintendo DSi Photo Album

  3. Lined, Squared and Blank paper types

  4. The time, battery status and volume level displayed on screen at all times

  5. 12 unlockable lined and 12 unlockable squared paper styles

Blue, Red and Green have the following features:

  1. 32 pages to write, draw and doodle on

  2. Lined and Squared paper types

  3. 9 unlockable lined and 9 unlockable squared paper styles