myLifeCollected is a suite of applications for DSiWare which we think will make your life more fun and enjoyable!

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Take a photo, write a note then facebook, email or mail it to a friend.

Out Now

Use either camera on your Nintendo DSi to take a photo.

Take a Photo

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Use the touch-screen and stylus to write a note or draw a picture.

Then click the done button to create the postcard.

Postcards you have created can be edited later.

Use the +Control Pad to change between over 50 background themes.

Write a note

The postcards are saved to the internal memory of your Nintendo DSi. Using the DSi Camera application you can:

Send the Postcard

Or browse the photos you have already taken with either myPostcards or the DSi Camera application.

Choose a Photo

Upload to Facebook

Click on the facebook icon to upload your postcard to facebook.

Decided you don’t like the photo you have chosen? Just click the camera icon and choose or take a new one.

Change the Photo

Email or Print

Transfer your postcard to SD card and you can then use your Mac or PC to email and print out the postcard.

Join the myPostcards flickr group by clicking here!

(feel free to add any postcards you make too!)