Blast Milestone 3 complete

This Wednesday we finished Milestone 3. Unfortunately some of the one of the items we wanted to do was just too much for this milestone. We made the tough decision of pushing it onto Milestone 4, when we originally planned it the item seemed like a 2 day task but we were being silly and it has now grown to a 2 week one! The rest of milestone 3 passed well tho’ so we now have full levels working.

The screen scrolls and the camera is fully scriptable using triggers (which can be loads of shapes :)). Collisions now work so you can kill stuff or be hit yourself, you can also collide with the environment, objects and bad guys which is cool. We have also built quite a few levels now and are working through the bad guy placement, waypoints and scripting.


Its really great to see the game coming together. From a simple prototype with just the player to full levels with scrolling, damage etc it is really coming together quickly.


We have now begun Milestone 4 which is the one, larger, item from Milestone 3 plus some bits and bobs which will finish off the levels the main two being; pickups (working and placeable), and non collide-able objects (these will allow us to put in some artwork quickly before we get onto the massive matter of parsing vector graphics).


There is a games conference in Brisbane in November so we hope to have a couple of levels up and running enough to be able to show Sony and Microsoft (if we can get appointments with them). Being able to demo stuff to them would be great and allow us the opportunity to try and get the project signed or at least green lit enough to allow us to get some dev-kits.