Red Steel


Got this one for Christmas. Not really the best game in the world Ubisoft :(



Shoot bad guys, slash bad guys, save fiancé. Revolutionary way to play using the Wii Remote. Ho Hum Ubisoft there is a good game in there somewhere maybe you should have finished it before shipping it? Bad controls, bad graphics and a teeny bit racist (in my opinion).



These are just appalling. Aiming and turning should not be so jerky or hard. Turning means pointing so far to the side of the screen that your arms tire very quickly. And why can you not adjust this? Shoot and lock on buttons are a neat touch but get mired under the rest of the controls. Fire fights are so haphazard because of this that what is one of the games main selling points becomes a pitiful mess.

Sword fighting is just as bad, using gestures rather than interpreting the real movements of the player is shocking. They should have either gone for Wii Tennis like realtime motion or Zelda like gestures (few and simple ones) rather than the strange mess that is sword fighting, it seems to come down to circle strafe them, use your block when they attack and then swing the remote down (for a long time) then repeat until he/she dies.



The setting for the game is decent enough its just a shame that the graphics are no where near on par with Zelda. The texture banding is the main culprit in making the game look more N64 than Wii. The Yakuza bad guys are also a nice touch, as is the Japanese fiancé and father. However the voice dubbing, i feel, is bordering on the racist. Do we really need hammy Japanese accents in this day and age? Surely with the wealth of Japanese people living all round the world Ubisoft could have found some real Japanese people to voice the characters rather than get someone else in to do ‘stereotypical’ Japanese dubs you know of the ‘Ha-so’ variety. It would have been better for the Japanese characters to speak Japanese than English and given them a more authentic style rather than this almost South Park-esque piss take.



Stay away. Ubisoft have had a good couple of years, releasing some brilliant games unfortunately this is not one of them.



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