Why does the iPad need a computer to work?

Surely the great thing about the iPad is it is a computer and that ANYONE can use it. So why does my Gran, who doesn’t have a computer need to buy a computer to use an iPad? Surely the great thing about the iPad is that hypothetically she could use that for all her computer needs (internet, email, the very occasional letter writing, listening to music). If she could just walk into an Apple store, buy one and start using it (like you can with any other computer device) maybe more non-computer users would be attracted to it?

The great thing about the iPhone is that you don’t need a computer to use it. You never need to sync it if you don’t want to. When you buy it in store it comes set up ready to use as a Phone.

What is so great about buying a companion device when you could be buying a stand-a-lone device which can also be a companion device? Surely if anything the iPhone has proved that. The iPhone works as just a phone which you can use and buy content on and has the bonus that if you own a computer you can put more content on easily or sync your crap to it.

Apple change the Apple TV from having to sync to a iTunes to do anything for exactly this reason. They realised that many people want to be able to set up and use the Apple TV out of the box and start buying content, watching trailers etc without having to do everything through itunes.

There is a massive market out there for people who don’t need a proper computer they just need something to browse the web, watch movies, read comics, write notes/letters and listen to music. The iPad should fill that niche. Until it is useable without a computer it only part fills it IMO.

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