Heading to PAX Aus – with free SHI & eV codes!


We’re heading down to Melbourne for the first ever PAX Australia!

We’re not ready to showcase our new game yet so we won’t have a booth, but we’ll be wandering around taking in Australia’s inaugural PAX event and having a look at all the cool games on show. We’ll also get a chance to catch up with our Melbourne gaming pals, and hopefully make a few new ones.

We’ve been really busy in the last few months and we’ll have a few exciting announcements to make later this year. It’s going to be tough not to spill the beans on what’s coming up but we’re determined to be strong, no matter how much alcohol we’re plied with.

If you see us wandering around come up and say hi. We’ll have a limited number of Spirit Hunters Inc codes for Nintendo 3DS/DSi and escapeVektor codes for Nintendo 3DS & PlayStation Vita. Just ask us for a code and it’s yours (as long as we have any left). Nic will also be on a panel discussing gamer entitlement (should be interesting!) on Saturday at the Wombat Theatre from 5.30-6.30pm. You’re certainly entitled to a code if they haven’t already been snapped up by then.

Forgotten what we look like? Oh, how could you? After all those years. We still have fond memories of that BBQ in the park. Oh, and remember that wedding? You know, the one where the bride’s mother and the best man got all….OK, here’s a recent picture. Look at those faces. How could you NOT want to say hello?

See you there!


Please note:

Only one code per person.

Only a limited number of codes are available.

SHI codes only valid for Australian Nintendo 3DS/DSi; eV codes only valid for Australian Nintendo 3DS or Australian/European PlayStation Vita.