Trauma Center: Second Opinion


God I am so behind on these, I have masses of games still to write up about :( Anyway onto Trauma Center.



Like the original DS version you play a rookie surgeon who starts doubting his abilties until he find he is one of the few in the world with a special healing gift.



You use the Wii Remote to manipulate the various surgical implements e.g. scalpel, bandage, x-ray etc. The nunchuk on the other hand is used to select each implement making changing each much quicker and more fluid than the DS. Using the Wii remove as a scalpel etc is really nice and in many ways feels more surgical than the DS version. It’s very satisfying and not fiddley at all,


This follows pretty much the same plot and levels as the original DS version. You start with some training levels where you learn what each tool/implement does and then you move onto the story proper. The Wii version has a few extra tools from what I can see the defibulator being a particular example. With it you have to move both Nunchuk and Wii Remote towards the TV at the same time to jolt the patient back to life.


Each level you play gives you a rating so if you are into challenges you can replay them again to get better ratings and even try harder difficulty levels if you wish. There are also hidden bonus operations to open which follow the story of what appears to be a more sinister organisation.



The game looks nice when you are in surgery, not gorey or gross tho’. The developers have made the decision to opt for a more stylised representation of the body (both internal and external). This does not detract in anyway and positively keeps the game clean and fun rather than horrific and bloody.



Trauma Center: Second Opinion is a great game for Wii owners who do not own the DS original. It’s fun and innovative both control and genre wise. It can be frustrating at times but it is well worth persevering as the more complicated operations can be very satisfying to complete.



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