Warioware: Smooth Moves


I’ll try to get a bunch of these done today so I can catch up…



You don’t know about Wario Ware? Go to the back of the class. Wario Ware is, in all its forms, a compendium of mini games. Each one lasts seconds rather than minutes and you must not only complete the game to keep going but first you have to try to work out what exactly you have to do to complete the mini game.



Wario Ware needs only a Wii Remote but it does ask you to use it in various fun and unique ways. Each of these ways is called a ‘Form’ and they can vary from putting it on the ground/table top and quickly picking it up to holding it above your head while you nod, duck or crouch.


As with all other Wario Wares the game is split into different characters who are unlocked sequentially. Each character has a theme to his/her mini games. This theme usually gives you a clue as to what you are likely to be tasked with within their mini games.


Like all previous versions the games are short and sweet. Most are fun and made more so by the whacky use of the controller and the various ‘Forms’.



Wario Ware is NOT a game for graphics whores. It is simple and stylised almost to the point of crudety. Some will love its minimalist take on graphics while others will think that they are simply grotesque. Personally I love its quirky stylings and feel they match the general aesthetic the game is aiming for.



I really enjoyed the early Wario Wares and while I enjoyed this one too I can’t help but think that it is beggining to run it’s course. If you have never played a Wario Ware I can’t recommend it highly enough for silly, simple quirky single or multiplayer fun. If, like me, you have played the others to death then this is more of the same.



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