Santa delivers Pop Lite for iPhone and iPod touch this Christmas


After the successful release of Pop on the iPhone and iPod Touch, Nnnoo are announcing the launch of Pop Lite – a free version for download on the iTunes store.

Pop Lite contains two modes ‘Training’ to learn the basics and a brand new mode ‘Pop Lite’ in which users have 90 seconds to score as many points as they can before the timer runs out. 

“With waves changing every ten to fifteen seconds it’s quite a rush. We decided to design a brand new mode for the Lite version to give users something extra rather than just give them a cut-down experience,” said Nic Watt, creative director at Nnooo.

“There are already thousands of games out in the App Store but many are simply one or two levels and offer no longevity. Nnooo believes that games should be fun, enjoyable by all ages but should also be challenging and engaging.”

“With Pop we wanted to ensure there is plenty of depth and re-playability for users which is why we included 5 modes and 60 badges to collect.”

The website is up and running at and will continue to have new content added  on a regular basis.

The full version of Pop is available worldwide on the iPhone and iPod Touch priced at US$4.99, £2.99, €3.99 and AU$5.99 you can find it in iTunes here. Pop Lite will be available in the App Store from 23rd of December and is free, the link when it goes live will be here.

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