Nintendojo journey to Nnooo (part 1 of 3)

Evan Campbell popped over to visit us while he was based in Sydney. The following is his first post about his visit. You can read the full article at Nintendojo here.

Journey To Nnooo Studios

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Location: Downtown Sydney.

I jump off one ferry and briskly walk toward another boat on the wharf. Skyscrapers line the horizon to my left while the soothing water of the Tasman Sea sits to my right.

I hop on the Balmain East ferry a minute or so before the boat’s planned departure. I ask a woman fitted in a Sydney Ferries polo if this is the right boat to jump on, and she grunts in an approving manner.

Once on the ship, I choose to plop down on a red cushioned seat with no one else in the aisle. A woman behind me continues to make crackling noises with a brown sack lunch that irritates the headache I’ve been fighting off. But no matter, I’m more focused on the journey ahead and can’t wait to sit down with Nic Watt, creative director and CEO of Nnooo Studios.

The ferry captain jams the gears into reverse, pulling out of Sydney’s downtown wharf — known as Circular Quay — like a raging taxi car. We flip around and I’m staring at the Sydney Opera House to my right. Sadly, dark clouds cover the sky like a blanket, leaving the white sails of the structure surrounded by dull shades of gray.

The waters, however, are rather calm and pleasant for the adventure. The boat glides underneath the towering Sydney Harbor Bridge as I anxiously tap my foot. A brisk wind cools me somewhat, but before I know it, the ferry straddles land once more.

I march off the ship and climb a hill leading to shops and cafes that hug the street. Trees with purple flowers oversee the climb and add some needed color to the day. I enter a news agency to quench my thirst, but also to make sure I’m headed in the right direction. Apparently, I’m right on target.

I hang a right and come upon a scenic neighborhood. Yet not all is quiet. A woman pulls a crying baby out of a car, distracting me for a moment. But more importantly, three employees of Nnooo studios are busy working on DSiWare projects like my Postcards.

I locate the correct address and slowly open the front gate. After an anxious minute of waiting, Nic greets me at the door. And once inside, I quickly realize why this studio succeeds where other companies fail on Nintendo’s downloadable platforms.

Check back tomorrow for part two on my visit to Nnooo Studios.

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