Competition – win a copy of Spirit Hunters Inc



With the release of Spirit Hunters Inc just around the corner (November 22nd!), we want to give you the opportunity to hone your spirit hunting skills.

We’ve heard a Level 10 (very rare) gold spirit has infiltrated the Nnooo website and we need your help to find it. Have a search round our site and look for the hidden spirit. If you find it, email us its name at so we can identify the little critter. (See Hints & Tips below for a clue to where he might be hiding.)

As a reward for helping us, we’ll put you into a draw to win a free copy of Spirit Hunters Inc: Light or Spirit Hunters Inc: Shadow.

More Chances to Win!

We’ve also heard that there are spirits lurking in the following community sites:

Go Nintendo

Nintendo World Report



Why not search their sites for the other spirits and send us their names too? Each time you identify a hidden spirit and send us its name you’ll be put into that site’s draw to win a copy of one of the games. So, if you find them all you’ll have 10 chances to win either a copy of Spirit Hunters Inc: Light or Spirit Hunters Inc: Shadow.

Another Chance to Win!

And that’s not all! Nintendo Life has tweeted the name of a spirit they have already found. Simply go to their Twitter page, find the name of the spirit on one of their tweets and email it to us at So that’s 12 chances to win! (Note, you don’t need to sign up for Twitter to see Nintendo Life’s Twitter page.)

In-Game Benefits!

And that’s still not all! Each spirit will have a unique Challenge code attached to it. Anyone who buys (or wins!) a copy of either Spirit Hunters Inc: Light or Spirit Hunters Inc: Shadow can enter these codes into the game’s Challenge system and generate the spirits in their game. All 6 of these hidden spirits are very rare gold spirits which wouldn’t normally have a chance of appearing in the game until you have reached the rank of Stalker (after Level 20).

Defeating these rare spirits at an early stage of the game will give you additional XP (which will help you rank up quicker) and additional Ghoulders (which will help you buy new Abilities and Items). You’ll also be the envy of all your friends who will wonder how you managed to get gold spirits in your Spirit List so quickly! They will be tough battles, but we know you’re up to it.  😀

Hints and Tips

The spirits you are looking for will be similar to this one on the right (but with an actual 28 digit Challenge code). If this was one of the spirits you would simply email putting “Jacom” in the subject line. Simple. You would then be entered into our draw (or draws if you find more than one). Please note, this is just an example and is not actually one of the hidden spirits. Please also note, you will need to own a Nintendo 3DS (or Nintendo 3DS XL) be able to download the prize for this competition.

Hint: to find the spirit hidden in the Nnooo site you might want to pay particular attention to the rolling images at the top of one of our pages on We hear the spirit might be interested in the game’s Modes 😉

Happy hunting!

Rules (boring but necessary):

1. Each person who emails the correct name of each hidden spirit to (in the subject line of the email) will be entered into a free prize draw to win a copy of either Spirit Hunters Inc: Light or Spirit Hunters Inc: Shadow.

2. There will be 6 prize draws, one for each spirit found via Nnooo, Go Nintendo, Nintendo World Report, Vooks, Aussie-Gamer and Nintendo Life.

3. Each prize draw will have 2 winners. One winner will win a copy of Spirit Hunters Inc: Light and one a copy of Spirit Hunters Inc: Shadow. Winners will not be able to choose which version of the game they win.

4. The competition will run until 10am on Wednesday November 21st Eastern Daylight Time (Australia). The draws will commence at midday on Wednesday November 21st EDT and winners will be notified by email shortly thereafter.

5. There is no geographic restriction for each draw, however winners must own a Nintendo 3DS or Nintendo 3DS XL which is set to either the Americas, Europe or Australia/NZ region. When notified of winning, each winner will be asked which region their 3DS is set to.

6. Winners will be sent a download code for the region their 3DS is set to on the day of release of the games. Using the download code the winners will be able to download a copy of the game they have won.




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