Spirit Hunters Inc briefing (part 2)

Welcome back trainee Spirit Hunters! Glad you could join me for the second part of my briefing. If you remember, in the first briefing I discussed some of the basics of spirit hunting – scanning, Abilities, Items and traps – and then started to discuss battle tactics. Let’s pick up form there.

As well as using the Fire element’s Burn and Warm Heart as passive ability combinations, there are other exciting combinations which you can take advantage of too! For example some passive abilities apply a debuff to the spirit and in doing so make another ability become active. Here’s an example:


Infection is a Fungal passive ability which gives a Fungal aligned spirit hunter a chance to Infect the spirit each time one of their Fungal attacks hits it. When Infected the spirit takes additional Fungal damage every few seconds. While this is cool in itself, when you also buy Outbreak and Pestilence it becomes really interesting:


Pestilence in action!

This ability cannot be used until your opponent is Infected. Once they are, the Pestilence ability will light up in your ability bar and this powerful ability can be used. By tapping, holding and avoiding the spirit while the ability charges, you will turn the spirit’s Infection into a Fever! This Fever will slow the spirit down, reduce their stats by 25% and heal you over a short period of time! This is particularly handy for Fungal aligned Spirit Hunters as they are weak to a lot of different element types. By keeping Fever applied to the spirit they can ensure it is doing less damage to them than normal!


Again, this ability cannot be used until your opponent is Infected. It will also light up in your ability bar once the spirit is Infected and this time you can tap and hold on the spirit to charge up a powerful fungal blast. The more infections on the spirit, the more damage this will do!

The interesting thing about Pestilence and Outbreak is that although both will become active when you Infect the spirit you can only use one. When you use one of them it will absorb the Infection making the other one become inactive. This means you will have to make a choice as to which one you want to use at a particular time!!

Each element has one or more passive abilities which interact with the other abilities within that element in an exciting way. Some of the other passive abilities are:

      • Ice has:
        • ⁃  Reflection – your attacks have a 15% chance to reflect all elemental damage back at the spirit.
        • ⁃  Frosty Fingers – your Ice attacks will do 10% more Ice damage & have a 33% chance to trigger Frostbite.
        • ⁃  Frostbite – each stack of Frostbite generated increases your Ice damage by 5% and when Frostbite reaches 4 stacks it will trigger Freeze (if you have purchased it).
        • ⁃  Freeze – freezes the spirit in place for 6 seconds when triggered.
      • Light has:
        • ⁃  Refraction – the spirit’s attacks have a chance to do up to 25% less damage to you.
        • ⁃  Blind – the spirit will take 25% longer to move, think and use their abilities.
        • ⁃  Fusion – each stack of Fusion triggered increases your Light damage by 5%.
        • ⁃  Lightspeed – increases ability cool down and cast times by up to 50%.
      • Shadow has:
        • ⁃  Curse – does additional 60 to 85 HP damage per stack, healing you for 50% of that amount.
        • ⁃  Darkness – create 4 stacks of darkness to trigger Eclipse (if you have purchased it). The Eclipse will reduce the spirit’s health by 3,200 to 3,765 HP.
        • ⁃  Slow – spirit will be slowed by 25% per stack of Slow, up to 100%; will last for 6 seconds.
      • Water has:
        • ⁃ Hiccups – each stack of hiccups reduces the spirit’s damage by 10%.

Elemental Choices

Buffs show up on the left side of the top screen, debuffs on the right

At the start of your spirit hunting career you choose an element to align yourself to. Once you reach level 25 you can purchase a new alignment and switch between the two outside of battle. At other points in your career you can purchase additional ones so by the end of your career you can own all six elemental alignments. It is important to have a selection of elemental abilities in your Ability Bar as you will not always be facing spirits you are strong against. As I mentioned before there are some abilities in each element which you can use regardless of the element you are aligned to! So make sure you keep a few abilities from other elements in your Ability Bar.

My preference is to carry in my Ability Bar abilities which are strong against those elements I am weak to. For example, if I am Fire I am weak to Water and Shadow so I keep some Light and Fungal abilities in my bar as both of those elements are strong to Water and Shadow!! Although I still carry quite a few battle scars, things would have been much worse if I hadn’t used this strategy.

Note: each element saves its own Ability Bar so you when you switch between them you get your Bar back exactly how it was last time you used it.


Avalanche incoming!

As you know, each element is strong to some elements and weak to others. This means if you are Fungal and face off against a Fire spirit it is going to be a hard battle for you. So in addition to making sure you try to keep Fever applied to the spirit, another tactic is to buy some items which give you an increase in Fire resistance!

Some items like Apples and Sushi just heal you for an amount of HP when you eat them. Other items like Mint Frappe’s don’t heal you at all but instead give you 30% increased Fire resistance for five minutes! This means that any Fire damage a spirit does to you is reduced by 30%.

There are also items which heal and provide resistances and even some strange concoctions which give resistances to 2 or 3 elements!

Levelling Up

When you defeat a spirit you will be rewarded with XP and Ghoulders. If you capture a spirit you will get more Ghoulders than XP as Spirit Hunters Inc will be able to use it for research.

To get the most XP and Ghoulders you should pay attention to the following order:

1. Defeating or capturing a spirit of an element you are weak to gives the most XP and Ghoulders.

2. Defeating or capturing a spirit of your element gives a moderate XP and Ghoulders.

3. Defeating or capturing a spirit of an element you are strong against gives the lowest XP and Ghoulders.

Note that defeating spirits you are weak to is harder than those you are strong against so be careful!!

Finally there are also Gold and Silver versions of each spirit. These spirits are much faster, stronger and harder to beat than their normal equivalents and will give you much more XP and Ghoulders should you defeat them!

Excellent! Now you are briefed in the basics of spirit hunting, I will leave you to discover the rest for yourselves. Remember, work out the best combinations of abilities to use against those pesky spirits, keep plenty of Items in your Ability Bar to heal yourself during battle and use Traps to increase your Ghoulders and buy new abilities.

Be careful out there – it’s a spirit war zone. Oh, and have fun!

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  • Breanna Walsh

    I don’t know where else to post this, sorry. Are the games out yet? I actually woke up early this morning to check Nintendo Dsi Ware, but didn’t see the games. Yes, I’m that excited to play. 😛 Can you post at what time they will come out today? I gotta go back to bed, but I’m hoping they’ll be available in the late morning.

    Also, looks to be an amazing game, and I like how you all are so involved and are posting guides for the users. Thanks for the games. :)

    One question, though. I plan on buying Light version, while my dad is getting Shadow, He’s not so great at games, so the challenge codes, is it like a trade, or is it like if he can’t beat the spirit I sent him, he won’t get it?

  • Bruce Thomson

    Hi Breanna,

    This is as good a place to post your questions as any. 

    The games are out today! I presume if you have just woken up that you live in Europe, so both Light and Shadow versions should be available at around 2pm GMT I believe.

    Many thanks for your feedback. We are really excited about Spirit Hunters Inc and we want everyone else to be exited too. We love giving you all helpful hints and tips as a reward for checking out our website and/or following us on Facebook & Twitter.

    It’s so great that you are buying one version and your dad the other. That makes us feel all warm & fuzzy inside. If you create a Challenge for him he will have to defeat the spirit before he can collect it. Don’t worry though, there’s a very gradual learning curve in the first 20 or so levels so that non-gamers and the very young gamers who buy the game won’t feel overly challenged. 

    Even if your dad doesn’t beat the Challenge at first go, it will remain in his Challenge list (until he deletes it) so he can try and defeat the spirit as many times as he likes.  :-)

    For you hardcore gamers the real challenge starts from level 20. That’s when you need to get your strategic hat on!

    We very much hope you and your dad enjoy the game. Let us know how you find it.

    And happy hunting!  😀


  • Breanna Walsh

    Hi again, just thought I’d post my early impression of the game. I’m only level 11, but I love this game. It’s more difficult than I thought it would be to aim and hit the spirits, and also to remember which ability will be best to use, but great game. I’ll be taking my Dsi with my places in order to find those tricky spirits, since I don’t have much variety of colour in my house. Way better than Pokemon, which gets too repetitive to me pretty quick. So, Later on when I get deeper into the game, and get to the real difficult parts I’ll write a review in the forums. Good job with making these games. I’m very impressed and am having a blast, I hope these games really take off and become a classic. :)

  • Bruce Thomson

    Hi Breanna,

    We’re delighted you love the game! Yes, we know it’s tough to remember which abilities to use at the start of the game. That’s why we made the difficulty curve a little easier at the beginning. Once you get the hang of things it will become easier.

    Also, if you can’t swing around too much to hit the spirits, they are always programmed to eventually come back to the battle. So, if you are on the bus, for instance, and want to battle, you don’t need to be swinging around trying to get them. Though that’s half the fun, isn’t it?

    “Way better than Pokemon” is the best recommendation we could possibly hope for! We look forward to your review.

    Good luck with these pesky spirits! 

  • http://www.facebook.com/rebecca.roberts.94651 Rebecca Roberts

    I like this game its so cool  my favorite spirits are the felions, jawsters  and the lapunas