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Spirit Hunters Inc briefing (part 2)

Thursday, November 22nd, 2012

Welcome back trainee Spirit Hunters! Glad you could join me for the second part of my briefing. If you remember, in the first briefing I discussed some of the basics of spirit hunting – scanning, Abilities, Items and traps – and then started to discuss battle tactics. Let’s pick up form there.

As well as using the Fire element’s Burn and Warm Heart as passive ability combinations, there are other exciting combinations which you can take advantage of too! For example some passive abilities apply a debuff to the spirit and in doing so make another ability become active. Here’s an example:


Infection is a Fungal passive ability which gives a Fungal aligned spirit hunter a chance to Infect the spirit each time one of their Fungal attacks hits it. When Infected the spirit takes additional Fungal damage every few seconds. While this is cool in itself, when you also buy Outbreak and Pestilence it becomes really interesting: (more…)