You can chose to send these messages to your own Wii and/or a friends Wii.

You can turn off or on friends on an individual basis by going to Options and then WiiConnect24.

Each time you beat your high-score, best time or unlock new badges a message will be sent to anyone you have chosen. This way you can keep them up to date with your progress.

Don’t worry your friends will only receive the latest message each day as Nintendo has developed a neat system which replaces old messages with the new, updated data!

If you receive a message from Pop via a friend and do not want to receive them anymore please reply to the message telling your friend to stop sending them to you. Your friend can then change your setting in the game to off.

iPhone and iPod Touch

What do the WiiConnect24 Messages do?

Whenever I get to the end of the Tally Screen the game crashes...

This issue only effects users of North American Wiis:

Some users are experiencing some lock-ups or crashes when the game tries to access the Nintendo Wifi high-score tables.

If you experience this you can resolve this by doing one of the following:

1)Create a new profile in a different slot (the old profile will still have errors) or

2)Delete your save data in the Wii System Menu and let the game create a new save when you start the game or

3)Turn off Nintendo WiFi Connection in the game by going to the Options menu.

Coming soon!

Note: Rating only applies to WiiWare version

Out Now for iPhone™, iPod Touch™ and WiiWare™