How do I chain?

A chain is when you pop one or more bubbles of the same colour in a row.

- Each consecutive bubble in the chain is worth more points

- Chaining is a quick way of building up points

Watch out!

- Chaining adds your score to the tally

- You only earn the points (and time) in the tally when you break the chain

- See below for details on how to break a chain


-Your cursors trail changes to match the chain colour

-The music builds up as you get bigger chains

How do I break a chain?

Breaking a chain can be done in three ways:

    1) You miss a bubble (ie you pop where there is no bubble)

    2) You pop a different coloured bubble

    3) You do not pop another bubble within a short time


- If you miss a bubble your tally is added to your score but no multipliers are applied and you lose three seconds from the timer


- By popping another colour or not popping anything for a short period of time you can break the chain

- This gives the full score in the tally and all your multipliers

How do I build up multipliers?

Multipliers are rewarded for large chains

The table to the right shows how the multipliers score:


- Multiply the tally when it is added to your score

- Multiply not only the score but the amount of time you have earned

Multiplier Rewards:

Chain Length



















What Powerups are there?

There are several Powerups in Pop:

- Pump Up

- Nuke

- Shrink and Grow

- Torch

- Shock

- Time Warp

Pumping Up and Nuking

Pumped up bubbles and Nukes both explode and take out any matching coloured bubble they touch. This is great for building big combos. If you are quick you can even keep in a chain by repeatedly pumping up the same colour of bubble.

Pump Up

To pump up a bubble on the Wii:

- Press and hold the A or B button when your cursor is over it

- Then keep holding the button and

- Pump the controller up and down

  1. -When the bubble gets full let go of the button and watch it detonate!

To pump up a bubble on the iPhone or iPod Touch:

- Press and hold your finger on a bubble

- Then keep your finger on the bubble and

- Wiggle your finger up and down (or shake the iPhone/iPod Touch)

- When the bubble gets full take your finger off the screen and watch it detonate!


Pop a Nuke powerup for the same effect

Shrink and Grow


Pop a Shrink powerup and your opponents cursors will half in size!

This will make it harder for them to pop bubbles.


Pop a Grow powerup and your cursor will double in size!

This will make it easier to pop bubbles.


Pop a torch powerup and the screen goes black. Only your cursor can reveal the bubbles through the blackness. Moving your cursor becomes like moving a torch and only reveals a small amount of the screen.

Watch out as other players can still pop bubbles...


Pop the timewarp powerup and watch as time slows down. Now you can pop a lot more bubbles and even better all the other players are stunned so they cannot pop either (stunned effect in the Wii version only)!


Pop the X powerup and remove all the other powerups and powerdowns. This is a great way to keep chaining by pumping up as it removes the skulls!

Wii, iPhone and iPod Touch

iPhone and iPod Touch only

Wii only

Wii only


What Powerdowns are there?

There is one Powerdown in Pop:

- Skull


The skull acts in the same way to missing. It will break any chains you have and deduct three seconds from your timer.

If you break a chain this way you will lose any multipliers you have accrued.

Try to avoid them!

Wii, iPhone and iPod Touch

Note: Rating only applies to WiiWare version

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