Pop for WiiWare™

Pop for WiiWare™ was a launch title in May 2008 across the North American region. It has since been successfully launched in Europe, UK, Australia, New Zealand and Japan.

Nnooo are extremely proud of the feedback they have gathered in particular from the many users across the world. As our first game it makes us really honoured to have gained such great fans and to have pleased so many people.

Since launch Pop has sold enough copies to cover Nnooo’s intial investment and push it into profit. A recent article suggested that fewer than 4% of games break even. For Pop to do so and only six months after release is just amazing!

Pop for iPhone and iPod Touch

Pop for iPhone and iPod Touch is now available on the App Store. Nnooo are very excited by the iPhone and iPod Touch and are looking forward to seeing fans reaction to the two new modes, the new powerup and the tactility which this new and exciting platform brings.

Press Contacts

Should you wish to contact us to get press packs, screen-shots or other media please drop us a line:



The following videos are available on YouTube or in higher resolution from us. Please drop us a line if you require the raw footage.



iPhone and iPod Touch

Video: Training

Video: Gameplay

Video: Powerups


Video: Pop Ad 03

Video: Pop Ad 04

Pop nominated for 6 Best App Ever Awardshttp://bestappever.com/awards/

Note: Rating only applies to WiiWare version

Out Now for iPhone™, iPod Touch™ and WiiWare™