What is Pop?

Pop is a game for WiiWare™, iPhone and iPod Touch™

What do I do?

-You pop bubbles to score points, chains and multipliers

How do I do that?

-On the Wii you move the pointer and press A to pop them

-On the iPhone and iPod Touch you tap a bubble to pop it

How many people can play?

-On the Wii up to four people can play at one time

-On the iPhone and iPod Touch only one player can play at a time

What other features are there?

-You can pump up bubbles until they explode

-There are a selection of powerups for use in multiplayer and single player

Pop Released for WiiWare™

New games development studio Nnooo (pronounced NO!) are part of the six game launch line up for Nintendo’s new WiIWare™ service. The single and multi-player game will give gamers the chance to burst their way through waves of bubbles - grabbing power-ups, multipliers, chains and aiming for worldwide high-scores.


Pop™ on the Wii™ is designed to be enjoyed by all ages, either in single player or with up to three friends and allows people to steal points from opponents and use the controller to pump up the bubbles for bigger explosions. It is based around a simple concept which anyone can pick and play with layers of skill involved. Core gamers and those new to the Wii, or games in general, will all find it enjoyable.


Pop Released for iPhone™ and iPod Touch™

Games development studio Nnooo (pronounced NO!) are pleased to announce the release of Pop™ for the iPhone™ and iPod Touch™. Since the successful launch of Pop on WiiWare™ in May this year Nnooo have been hard at work bringing the innovative and addictive game-play to the brilliant new gaming platform from Apple™.


Pop on iPhone


Feature comparisons


  1. -Four modes: Training, Normal, Advanced and Chill

  2. -Send updates to your friends via Connect24

  3. -Sixty Four badges to unlock

  4. -Four player drop in and out Multiplayer on the same screen

  5. -Online High-score tables through Nintendo WiFi

  6. -Six Powerups and one Powerdown

iPhone™ and iPod Touch

  1. -The four original modes: Training, Normal, Advanced and Chill as well as...

  2. -Two new modes: Timed and Bonus Mode

  3. -Seventy Two badges to unlock

  4. -Play your iPod music while playing the game

  5. -iSave so you can pause and resume the game when taking a call, taking a break or receiving an SMS

  6. -Three Powerups and one Powerdown including one brand new Powerup

Note: Rating only applies to WiiWare version

Out Now for iPhone™, iPod Touch™ and WiiWare™