Bit Generations – Boundish


Ok so this write up of the Bit Generations series is taking a while. I’ll try to speed things up over the next while. I’m off on holiday soon so maybe can do a bit of writing while i’m away and post loads when I get back!



Boundish is Bit Generations take on Pong and is probably the worst and most basic of all of the games. Only really one for complete-ists if you ask me. There are several takes on Pong here from the standard one paddle per side to more extreme variants like one situated on a record player…



There really isn’t much else to say about Boundish. It is a many flavoured clone of Pong with a bit of local wi-fi multiplayer thrown in. If you are after a great but unique take on Pong you should check out Pong for the PS1 published by Atari (shameless plug for the first game I worked on). It has many fun and unique takes on the bat versus ball game mechanic and will set you back loads less than Boundish.



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