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Bit Generations – Digidrive

Thursday, November 16th, 2006


Well we are slowly getting through the Bit Generations series hopefully I will have them all done before 2007!



Digidrive at first glance appears to be really complex and strange but after playing it for half an hour and working out what you have to do it becomes really addictive. It is probably closest to something like tetris or columns as it is a sorting game. The twist here is you are sorting traffic.


Bit Generations – Boundish

Wednesday, November 8th, 2006


Ok so this write up of the Bit Generations series is taking a while. I’ll try to speed things up over the next while. I’m off on holiday soon so maybe can do a bit of writing while i’m away and post loads when I get back!



Boundish is Bit Generations take on Pong and is probably the worst and most basic of all of the games. Only really one for complete-ists if you ask me. There are several takes on Pong here from the standard one paddle per side to more extreme variants like one situated on a record player…



There really isn’t much else to say about Boundish. It is a many flavoured clone of Pong with a bit of local wi-fi multiplayer thrown in. If you are after a great but unique take on Pong you should check out Pong for the PS1 published by Atari (shameless plug for the first game I worked on). It has many fun and unique takes on the bat versus ball game mechanic and will set you back loads less than Boundish.



Bit Generations – Dotstream

Thursday, October 26th, 2006


So I wrote the whole overview to Bit Generations a couple of weeks ago and am only now managing to get round to writing up my thoughts on Dotstream (who knows when the next ones will come along…).



Dotstream is Bit Generations take on racing. Simple in both gameplay and graphics (perhaps paired down is a better phrase). You control a coloured square which, from the word go, is always moving right leaving a glowing line of colour in your wake. All you can do is; steer up or down, turbo or collide with stuff. You have to do a number of laps (usually 2) and come first to win.


Bit Generations – Overview

Thursday, October 5th, 2006

I’ve had the whole Bit Generations series for a few weeks now and thought it was about time I wrote a little bit about them.



The whole idea of Bit Generations is: really simple, pure yet modern games (think clean graphic design, electronic music and clean game play). There are 7 games in all with each one coming in its own beautiful packaging and on a Gameboy Advance cart. Its a liitle bit expensive seeing as they could all fit on one but then you wouldn’t be able to have a significant other playing one while you play the other. Each game focuses on a popular gaming type: puzzle, racing, adventure, audio and simplifies it to its core. Dot stream for example is Bit Generations take on racing, think Tron light cycles, you can only steer up or down, you leave a light trail, crossing another trail slows you down and you start with 3 lives/turbos.



As someone who is going through prototyping at the moment and trying to set up his own games company these games reinforce why I am doing what I am doing. Each of these games shows that a simple concept with simple yet beautiful graphics can still be fun and purchased by games players. They are in essence, to me, what our prototype should be like. If I can get our demo(s) to be as fun and as pure as this then I will be very happy.


More to come

I hope to do more writing about Bit Generations in the coming weeks.



Pokémon Mysterious Dungeon: Blue

Wednesday, October 4th, 2006

I just got Pokémon Mysterious Dungeon – Blue and I’m really enjoying it. Sure there are flaws to it but man its nice to play a different take on the whole Pokémon gameplay and universe.



You start as a Pokémon, or a human turned into one, who has to find a way to turn back. You get a few psychology type questions at the start which seem to determine which Pokémon you will play as, I got Mudkip! Then you get to choose and name your buddy, well doh Pikachu obviously.