Nnooo status update

Now that Pop is on sale what exactly are Nnooo up to?

With the great sales of Pop on WiiWare we are taking time to build our team starting with finding great coders. We recently hooked up with a great iPhone coder who will be working on bringing Pop to the iPhone. As we are still a small company we want to focus our bests efforts on making sure each game is as good as it can be. To this end we will first be focusing on the iPhone version of Pop before moving onto our next, new title.

We have several plans for new games in the pipeline which would suit both iPhone and Wii and once Pop is out on the iPhone we will be in a better place to decide how we should proceed.

However we are still looking for talented and passionate programmers so if you would like to work on Wii or iPhone and can work in Australia please get in contact!

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