Pop released on the iPhone and iPod Touch

We are pleased to announce the launch of Pop on the iTunes App Store today. You can download it here:


We hope you all enjoy the game and would welcome reviews on the App Store and comments in our community forums.



Below is our press release:

After the success of Pop on Nintendo’s WiiWare, Nnnoo are announcing the launch of Pop for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch.

The aim of the game is to pop bubbles, build chains and try to keep the timer alive in this addictive puzzle/shooter. The iPhone and iPod Touch version will give mobile gamers the chance to burst their way through 16 waves of bubbles.

This Pop-ular game is designed to be enjoyed by all ages, and is based around a simple concept which is clearly explained and offers a variety of skill levels to hone one’s bubble bursting skills. Core gamers who are already familiar with the iPhone or iPod Touch, and even casual gamers who are new to the platform and video games will all find it enjoyable and addictive!

“The WiiWare launch of Pop was a resounding success for us. Particularly as it was our first game as a company and we are delighted by how it is being received by gamers around the world” says Nic Watt, creative director and CEO, Nnooo.
“Following the WiiWare release, we wanted to make the game even more accessible and felt the iPhone and iPod Touch would be the perfect platform to launch a new version of Pop. The touch screen functionality of the iPhone and iPod Touch allows pin point accuracy when popping bubbles and we have created a number of new modes for players to enjoy.”

Pop on the iPhone and iPod Touch will include Training, Normal, Advanced, Timed and Chill modes as well as 1 new powerup and 1 new Bonus Round. Users simply tap the screen to burst bubbles or press and shake a bubble to make it bigger before it explodes. There are also sixty badges to collect by completing in game tasks. 

The website is up and running at www.pop-game.net and will continue to have new content added  on a regular basis. 

Pop is released worldwide today on the iPhone and iPod Touch priced at US$4.99, £2.99, €3.99 and Aus$5.99

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