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Stop the bubbles from crossing to the other side of the screen. As soon as one bubble crosses the edge of the opposite side it is round over!

  1. Tap as many bubbles as you can to stop them reaching the other side

  2. Make use of nukes and pumped up bubbles to hold off the onslaught

Detonate is a cool and at first glance pretty simple bonus round. The tactics lie in when you set of your shockwave.

  1. Tap or pump up a bubble to set of a shockwave

  2. Each bubble the shockwave hits will set off another shockwave and so on

  3. Try to create as long a chain reaction as possible to get a high-score!

Only pop bubbles of the colour shown on screen. Pop the wrong colour or miss and it is round over! You have to really focus to manage this one...

  1. Tap the bubbles of the colour shown

  2. Avoid tapping any other colour or missing

Frantic and fast is Machine Gun. This one is about creating chains as quickly as you can.

  1. Lots of bubbles will stream past quickly. Try to focus on one colour and create a really long chain

  2. Missing will still break your chain

  3. You cannot pump up here

Check out the media page for more information and to see each bonus round in action!

4 Bonus Round Types:




Machine Gun

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