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Tap a multiplier to immediately multiply your tally score.

  1. There are several multiplier powerups from x2 to x10

  2. Pop one to immediately multiply your current tally

  3. If you pop one of a different colour you will only multiply your new tally (for the new colour)

Tap these to set of a shockwave and create a chain reaction.

  1. The shockwave will be the same colour as the bubble containing the Nuke

  2. Any bubble the shockwave touches of the same colour will also be destroyed

  3. This is a great way to extend or start your chain!

These are the BAD guys of the powerup world so try to avoid them!

  1. Popping these will break your chain and remove your multiplier!

  2. They will also deduct time from your timer

Tap these to slow down time so you can pop bubbles quicker and more decisively.

  1. The timewarp will slow all bubbles movement down

  2. Pop these to make your life easier as you will be able to build up really big chains when the bubbles are slow!

A very handy powerup indeed, which can also be a pain depending on how you look at it.

  1. An X powerup will remove all the other powerups for a short period of time

  2. This is great when there are loads of skulls. Pop and X and then start pumping up like mad

  3. This is less good when it removes the nukes and multipliers too :(

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Check out the media page for more information and to see the game in action!

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