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The shark will try to bash the screen as he swims towards you. Tap him as often as you can to stop his attack!

First pop as many bubbles as you can to build up your timer. When they disappear you know the boss is on his way!

When he appears tap on him as often as you can to stop his attack. If you don’t hit him enough he will bash the screen preventing you from seeing the bubbles as easily.

Watch out ‘cos the Squid sprays ink at you! Try to tap him (or her...) to death as quickly as you can.

This battle, like the other boss battles starts with the bubbles moving across the screen. Hurry and fill up your timer before they disappear and the boss appears!

When the boss appears tap her (or maybe him) to do damage. There are a few weak spots you can take advantage of too!

If you manage to do enough damage he (yeah yeah or maybe she) will retreat and the bubbles will return. If you fail to do enough damage you’ll get sprayed with ink first!

The ink will block your view of the bubbles when they come back so try to watch out!

Do enough damage and you’ll defeat her (sigh or him) and win!

The starfish will stick to the screen and try to suck away your time. Tap him a lot to remove him from the screen.

Watch out if you cannot remove him from the screen in time he will suck some time from your timer!

Again like the other boss battles you start by popping bubbles to build up your time. Then the boss will appear and it is your time to attack.

This will repeat until you defeat him or he defeats you!

4 Boss Battles:




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