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Take part in 3, 5 or 10 rounds of each bonus round. Each round is harder than the one before.

As you unlock more bonus round types you will also unlock them to play in this mode!

Take part in 5 lessons designed to familiarise you with the basics of Pop.

  1. Lesson 1: Scoring

  2. Pop bubbles to learn how they score

  3. Lesson 2: Time

  4. Pop bubbles to learn how to generate time

  5. Lesson 3: Chains

  6. Pop bubbles of the same colour, in a row (and quickly) to create a chain

  7. Lesson 4: Multipliers

  8. Creating longer chains rewards you with a multiplier

  9. Lesson 5: Pumping

  10. Touch a bubble and then hold the stylus on it while moving the stylus up and down (on the screen) to pump up a bubble

  11. IE grab a bubble and wiggle your stylus!

Blast your way through 16 waves of bubbles, take on four bosses and watch out for the mines, jets and a golden fish or two! As well as all the features of Normal you also get...

  1. Mines which detonate and send out a shockwave. Try to time your taps so they set off the same colour as your chain!

  2. Jets that push the bubbles about so watch where you are popping!

  3. If you can pop a golden fish you’ll get a heap of points to add to your current chain or score!

  4. Every so often a boss will appear to challenge you. Check out the boss section for more details.

Like the classic Donkey Kong™ Normal mode never ends (well if you are skilled enough) in Pop Plus : Solo’s case there are 16 waves which loop round when you get to the end. Keep on popping and see how high you can score.

  1. 16 waves where the speed, size and direction of the bubbles change just to make things harder

  2. Pump up bubbles to set of detonations

  3. 5 powerups

  4. Unique chaining system, keep popping the same colour for a high-score. Miss and you lose your multiplier!

  5. Bonus rounds to really test your mettle.

  6. Unique progression system. The better you are the quicker you jump to the later waves!

Advanced sets a bit of a tough challenge for you. Try to score 9,999,999 in as quick a time as you can. The best times will be recorded as your high-score!

Not bothered by scores? Is having a timer too much pressure? Or do you just fancy chilling out to the great beats? Well Chill mode is for you.

  1. 16 waves like Normal with the same features

  2. No powerups

  3. No timer or scores

  4. Just chill out with no pressure and have fun

Take part in 1, 2 or 5 minutes sessions. In this mode you cannot accrue more time instead you have to race the clock to see how high you can score!

Create your own challenges to test your skill or practice a particular wave.

Choose a mode, then the wave, set the score and the time and then try to complete it!

Check out the media page for more information and to see the game in action!


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