Interview with Vortex of Tech

The Votex of Tech interviewed us for his blog the other day (which you can read here). Below is the full interview.

Q – I understand that “myLifeCollected” is a collection of applications designed for DSiWare. What situations do you think a myLifeCollected app will enhance?

With myLifeCollected we are trying to create software which will almy notebooklow Nintendo DSi owners to simplify and enhance their lives. One great example of this is myNotebook which will allow them to always have a way to jot down thoughts, notes, email addresses etc while on the move. Instead of carrying a pen, paper and Nintendo DSi they just need a DSi!

Future applications in this series will also provide fun, time saving ways of making your life more simple on the move.

Q – Will each myLifeCollected app be restricted to the space constraint of 200 point software or will some apps be 500 point apps?

We would very much like the bulk of them to be available at 200 points. However if the series proves popular we may work on a more ‘Professional’ range which have advanced features and sell for a higher price.
Q – Are there customization options to change the “colour” or size of the “pen”.

Yes in myNotebook the user can:

  1. Change between a pen, pencil and eraser
  2. Change the pen/pencil ink colour between Black, Blue, Red, Green and White
  3. Change the pen/pencil/eraser thickness between thin and thick
  4. Change each page to be lined or squared paper (This is on a per-page basis so you can have some pages as lined and others as squared).

Furthermore each version of the book has 18 paper styles to unlock to allow users to further customise their notebook.
Q – How did the idea for PopPlus Solo come about?

We had a lot of ideas which we couldn’t get into Pop on Wiipop plus soloWare or iPhone in time and so decided that we really wanted to do a final version which completed our vision of the game. When DSiWare was announced we decided that it would be a great platform for such a title and set about working on it. As we got further through development we realised that the multiplayer aspect was going to take longer than expected so we decided to split this version in two and have a Solo and a Versus version.
Q – Did any size problems come about while developing Pop Plus Solo?

Nope we have been really clever at optimising the size of the game so it will take up as little space as possible. myNotebook has also been optimised to ensure that we can get the maximum number of pages possible within the size we are allocated.
Q – Did you consider your company “less” accepted by Nintendo than more closer developers, say, Capcom?

We have not noticed any different treatment from Nintendo. I am sure that companies like Capcom have more people they can dedicate to just focusing on their relationship with Nintendo and the like. For us at Nnooo we are still quite small and have to balance all the business relationship building with actually making a product!

We have always found Nintendo great to work with and currently have no major complaints.

Q – Do you have any other future DSiWare ideas from Nnooo that you can share?

Well we have at least one more myLifeCollected app in the works which we can hopefully talk about in the next few months and we are at the beginning stages of our next game. Our next game is a brand new franchise which we think will launch on the DSi sometime next year.

Sorry I cannot be more specific than that!
Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. I am looking forward to PopPlus Solo and the apps!

No problem and thanks for interviewing me. We hope your readers enjoy it.


Nic Watt

Creative Director

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