“Ask Ogy” at E3 and win a t-shirt

With less than 3 weeks to E3, the team here at Nnooo HQ are starting to get excited. Yes, as always, there will be a load to do before we get on that plane. However, the thought of all those lovely new games to test out and the chance to see Nintendo’s Project Cafe first hand will keep us working tirelessly until we board that big metal tube and hurtle across the Pacific Ocean at speeds that defy any rational logic. Bruce & Steven (aka Ogy) will be calming their nerves during the flight with whichever alcoholic beverage comes to hand when the trolley comes round; Nic will probably be sleeping!

As usual we will be recording our E3 adventures to put on our blog once we return to Oz (after a small well-earned break of course). During E3 week itself Ogy will also be recording short videos and posting them on our Youtube site, each covering a part of the show which is of interest to Nnooo. He will also feature an “Ask Ogy” section where he will attempt to answer a few of your questions about the show. If we choose your question, you will get credited in the video. Could you possibly ask for more?

Well there is more! If your question is chosen, you will also win one of these stylish t-shirts, professionally modeled here by the Nnooo team. Yes, you too can look this cool! Wow your school friends, colleagues, relatives or partner with your choice of Namco or Nintendo inspired Fanboy t-shirt, exclusively designed by our own Creative Director. Sorry, no Fangirl t-shirts yet, but hey, there’s nothing wrong with a Fangirl wearing a Fanboy t-shirt now is there?

All you have to do is post your E3 question on our Facebook page and watch our E3 videos to see if your question is picked. Is there something you would like to see, information you would like about a game/console/publisher/developer, or just anything you would generally like to know about E3 itself? Now’s your chance to ask and Ogy will deliver your answer. If your question is picked, we’ll get your size details, t-shirt preference and address and mail your t-shirt to you. Easy!

If you think these pictures are bad, you should see the ones we didn’t put up! If we get plenty of good questions, we might put all the t-shirt pictures up on our Facebook page.

Ask Ogy and Win a T-shirt:

  1. Add your question to the Ask Ogy Facebook post.
  2. If your question is chosen it will be featured in one of Ogy’s Youtube videos and you’ll be one of our lucky T-Shirt winners!
  3. T-Shirt winner(s) will be announced in each video blog; if the question picked has been asked twice, the first poster of the question will win the t-shirt; Nnooo’s decisions are final (so there!).

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