Nic’s interview with MMGN

When the guys from Australia’s MMGN website got in touch for an interview, Nic was there to answer their questions on being an indie developer, the state of the Australian market, and of course Spirit Hunters Inc & escapeVektor: Chapter 1. See and hear what he had to say to Stephen Heller from MMGN.

Indie Dev Insight – Nnooo

It takes drive, motivation and a creative flair to be successful in the games industry, and Sydney-based developer Nnooo have all of its bases covered. With a successful game under its belt and a series of popular applications for the Nintendo DSi to their name, we recently had the chance to catch up with founder Nic Watt and discuss his thoughts on the industry, and find out a little more about their upcoming projects.

Nnooo started out in 2006 after Nic and his partner moved to Australia. His aspirations of owning his own business and his experience as a lead designer for EA London went hand-in-hand in establishing his own company. Nic says that emerging online markets thanks to services such as Xbox Live made the decision seem more viable, and digital distribution was something that interested him.

Being an independent may offer more creative control, but it also brings higher risks when releasing a game. “Obviously there’s a lot more risks involved,” says Watt. ”We are self financed. A lot of other indie developers have investors or some form of funding but we are pretty much entirely self-funded.”

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