myNotebook turns the page

Sydney, Dec 3 2009

PRESS RELEASE: Nnooo are pleased to announce that myNotebook: Blue™ has reached #3 in the US, UK, AU and CA DSiWare charts (making it currently the highest ranking paid for piece of software).

“We are so pleased that the consumer reception to myNotebook has been so high.” said Nic Watt, Creative Director, Nnooo “The myLifeCollected range of software was always a risky proposition and to see that we are creating something which appeals so strongly to Nintendo DSi users is a great achievement.”

There are two other versions of myNotebook launching on the following dates for 200 Nintendo DSi Points™:

myNotebook: Red™ launches Friday 4th December in Europe, Australia and New Zealand and Monday 7th December in the Americas.

myNotebook: Green™ launches Friday  18th December in Europe, Australia and New Zealand and Monday 21st December in the Americas.

myNotebook: Blue, Red and Green are the first releases in Nnooo’s new myLifeCollected range. A range of lifestyle applications for the Nintendo DSi™.

“myNotebook is an application designed to allow users to quickly and easily take notes, doodle, makes lists or even play traditional pen and paper games.” said Nic Watt.

“With the option to change each page to be lined or squared paper as well as change the paper style we think Nintendo DSi owners will have plenty of ways to customise and utilise their notebooks.”

Each myNotebook comes with 32 pages which can individually be toggled to lined or squared paper as well as an outside and two inside covers that can be personalised. Additionally there are nine lined and nine squared paper types to be unlocked through; frequent use, owning other colours of myNotebook and as a special reward owners of Pop+ Solo get an exclusive lined and squared paper type to use.

myNotebook is Nnooo’s second piece of software for the Nintendo DSi™ and their first new IP since Pop and Pop+ Solo (which are available for WiiWare™, Nintendo DSiWare™, iPhone® and iPod Touch™).

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