myDiary release date for Europe/Australia/New Zealand

Sydney, September 14, 2010

PRESS RELEASE: Nnooo announces the launch date of myDiary™ for Nintendo DSiWare™ in Europe, Australia & New Zealand.

myDiary, the latest release in the highly successful myLifeCollected™ range, goes on sale in Europe, Australia & New Zealand on Friday 17 September. myDiary allows users to organise their lives by keeping track of appointments, making daily journal entries and even setting daily alarms. It also features icons to indicate the time, volume and current battery level.

“myDiary is a logical extension to our myLifeCollected range.”, said Nic Watt, Creative Director at Nnooo. “Our vision with this range was to extend the DSi™ from portable games console into a games and multimedia device. The myLifeCollected range, which also includes our range of myNotebooks™ and myPostcards™, gives people the chance to keep notes, organise their lives and create postcards for their friends and family all on the one device.”

In myDiary, users can tap on a day to write and review notes and add alarms to keep track of important events and birthdays. myDiary can be customised to your personal taste by changing the user interface using 12 unlockable background and ink colours.  There is also a security function to keep daily notes private.

“We are very pleased with the reaction to this line of applications” said Watt. “Our next step is to move back into the gaming arena using the innovative augmented reality feature of the DSi. We will announce more about our next game, Spirit Hunters Inc, in the coming weeks.”

myDiary will cost 200 points and will be available from Friday 17 September in Europe, Australia & New Zealand.

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  • Tracy Bean

    cant wait to hear the release date for north america