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We were recently contacted by the Indie Games Channel for a written interview. As well as asking Nic about the background to escapeVektor and Spirit Hunters Inc, they were keen to learn more about the game development process and the challenges of making games for different platforms. Finally, Nic has some advice for new development studios.

Nnooo’s Nic Watt on escapeVektor, Spirit Hunters Inc, the 3DS and Indie Game Development

In recent years, Nintendo has stepped up its efforts to support growing indie game developers. One of the ways in which they have done so is by creating the WiiWare and DSiWare brands, dedicated to housing smaller indie games. Among the developers taking advantage of the opportunity to bring their games to Nintendo systems is Nnooo (pronounced as an enunciated “No!” and not the Darth Vader-like “Noooooooo!”), a small developer based in Australia.

Nnooo was one of the first developers to support WiiWare. Their first title, Pop, released on WiiWare’s launch day back in 2008. It has since been re-released as a DSiWare title and on the iPhone. Since then, Nnooo has been hard at work on their next pair of titles. Their next WiiWare title, escapeVektor, will be released in separate chapters. As for their next handheld title, Spirit Hunters Inc. will bring players into the world of Augmented Reality. In addition to supporting the Wii and DS, Nnooo is also looking to bring games to the 3DS.

Nic Watt is one of the faces of Nnooo. In addition to his duties as Creative Director, Watt also went on the road, making an appearance at this year’s Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. I was fortunate enough to get a chance to correspond with Watt, who is now back at Nnooo’s headquarters in Sydney, to talk about escapeVektor, Spirit Hunters Inc., the 3DS, and the developer’s future.

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