Sci-Fi TV show Electric Playground features Spirit Hunters Inc

At GDC this year, Nic was interviewed by Electric Playground (see our GDC Diary, part 3). EP is a Vancouver based TV show which covers movies, other TV shows, comic books, collectibles and gadgets. The interview went so well they sent their Sydney based team down to our office to interview Nic about Spirit Hunters Inc.

The interviewer was Charles Stuart Ross of “One Man Star Wars” & “One Man Lord of the Rings” fame. Charlie was doing his One Man Lord of the Rings show at the Sydney Opera House and took some time out to come and see us and talk to Nic. What a nice guy he was too!

Check out the video below for the interview. If you are interested in cool geeky things like we are, then more electric Playground content can be found on their website or on their Youtube page. They are definitely worth a visit!

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