Spirit Hunters Inc update

Spirit Hunters Inc. Remember that? Yes you do. It’s our augmented reality spirit hunting and battling RPG. We’ve been working on it for a couple of years now and we’re delighted to report it’s in good shape.

So good in fact that we took it to E3 to show journalists. Nintendo World Report are first up with their impressions of the game. They seemed to be surprised at the depth the game offers. Not a surprise to us – that’s why it’s taken us 2 years to get here!

You’ll be hearing more about the game in the coming months. In the meantime check out Nintendo World Report’s impressions and reacquaint yourself with our Spirit Hunters Inc site which will be getting updated over the next few months.

“So when is it due for release?” we hear you shout in unison. Well, we feel confident that it will be released around the 4th quarter of this year. We’re tidying the game up, testing it furiously (and having a great time while we do) and fixing those pesky bugs which always seem to find their way into games.

It will be a downloadable title for Nintendo DSiWare, so you can hunt and battle the spirits on your Nintendo DSi or on your Nintendo 3DS through the eShop. Keep an eye on this News site for more updates and information (including price) over the coming months.

Excited yet? Go on, give us a smile. You know you want to. Just like this —>

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  • http://barrelrollgaming.com/ Jake Stevens

    Hey guys; are we on your press list? I did request so to Bruce a while ago, but we haven’t received any emails!

    And yes, I’ve checked the SPAM folder.

  • Bruce Thomson

    Hi Stevo, Bruce here.

    Yes, we have a strikester email address on our PR list.
    Don’t worry, we haven’t sent anything out since we put you on the list. Sometimes we just do updates on this site :)

  • http://barrelrollgaming.com/ Jake Stevens

    Thanks Bruce. Just wanted to be sure!