Joint release of myNotebook: Carbon and myNotebook: Pearl in Europe/Australia/New Zealand

Sydney, August 20, 2010

PRESS RELEASE: Nnooo announces the launch date of myNotebook: Carbon™ and myNotebook: Pearl™ for Nintendo DSiWare™ in Europe/Australia/New Zealand.

Hot on the heels of the myNotebook: Carbon release in the Americas comes the joint launch of myNotebook: Carbon and myNotebook: Pearl in Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Scheduled for release on August 27, these two new versions of myNotebook™ allow the user to save 128 pages, export their notes to their Nintendo DSi Photo Album and unlock brand new page types. They also feature new icons to indicate the time and current battery level.

“People are excited about the new colours and functionality so we are launching 2 of the 3 new colours on the same day!” said Nnooo’s Creative Director, Nic Watt.  “We hope to launch myNotebook: Pearl very soon in the Americas and the final release of this series, myNotebook: Tan, should come out in September.”

The myNotebook range is part of Nnooo’s myLifeCollected™ series, which also includes myPostcards™ and the soon to be released myDiary™. myDiary will allow users to organise their lives by keeping track of appointments, making daily journal entries and even setting daily alarms.

“Nnooo are working flat out on new games for DSiWare, WiiWare™ and future Nintendo platforms, some of which we hope will be released later this year”, said Watt. Keep an eye out for our future press releases for more information.”

myNotebook: Carbon and myNotebook: Pearl will each cost 500 points and will be available from Friday August 27 in Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

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  • Allison Mallard

    lucky they get carbon and pearl! But I'm still waiting for pearl and tan release date in the usa.