Nintendo World Report visit & interview

We recently had a visit from Nintendo World Report who were looking to do a feature piece on Nnooo, including an interview with Nic. We were delighted with this resulting article which gives a great feel for the office and really gets to the heart of what we are up to. Plus there’s a great interview with Nic which includes Nic’s game design influences, why we made the myLifeCollected series, a little more insight into escapeVektor and what we think of Nintendo.

Nnooo Developer Experience and Interview

by Nicholas Bray, Nintendo World Report Australia Correspondent

On arriving at the Nnooo offices, I was greeted by Nic Watt, and Bruce Thomson. Nic is Nnooo’s creative director and Bruce is the business director.

After introductions were over Nic showed me around their small, but stylish, work area. One of the first things I noticed is that they have quite a lot of Nintendo figures and posters around the place. It definitely gave the impression that they have a lot of adoration for Nintendo and the things that they produce.

After walking past the lounge area, I entered the area where they do most of their work. Their workspace was furnished with a couple of long desks and a bunch of computers and other hardware.

One of the first things I asked Nic was how they start the development process. He turned my attention a wall where they had stuck a heap of Post-it notes.

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