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Template email to Andrew Stoner, MP

Wednesday, February 14th, 2007


Dear Mr Stoner,

I am writing to ask you to renew the Interactive Media Fund for NSW. I believe the fund has been influential in fostering the growth of the NSW video games industry since its inception in 2010. NSW has an increasingly active video game development scene, with a growing number of small studios, a burgeoning International Game Developers Association chapter and lots of young talent graduating from local colleges and universities. The funding awarded to date has helped establish and grow a number of small studios which are already making their mark on the global video game stage.

The global video game industry now generates more revenue than the global film industry and it is one of the world’s fastest growing entertainment sectors. Through digital distribution, video games developed in NSW can be exported around the world, increasing NSW’s share of a valuable and important export market. However, developing video games is much like creating films or television programs. It is a risky and hit driven business which needs nurturing at a grass roots level. The Interactive Media Fund is essential to help the small developers of today grow into the video game leaders of tomorrow. It also helps developers compete on the global stage in which many countries now offer increasingly generous funding and tax packages to developers to grow their local video game industry.

I urge you to renew this important fund to continue the momentum which has already fostered growth in the NSW video game industry. Without the continuation of this fund there is a significant risk that the success of the last few years will be undone.

Thank you for your time.