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We’re hiring again – composer/audio engineer

Wednesday, June 5th, 2013


***Sorry, we are no longer taking applications for this position***

So, we’ve found our graphics programmer and he’s already working on making our graphics the best they can be for our new game. Our animator starts soon too and we’re really excited to see what he has up his sleeve. Now we’re set for E3 in the knowledge that Nnooo HQ will be a powerhouse of activity while we’re living it up attending important business meetings in LA.

“But what about the audio?” we hear you say. “Good point,” we reply. Let’s get that sorted.

Are you an audio genius? Do you want to work with games geniuses? Well then, we’re a perfect fit!

Take a look at this job description and if you fit the bill, we want to hear from you. We promise we’ll read your application in between E3 parties meetings and the search for our perfect audio partner will begin in earnest on our return to Nnooo HQ at the end of June.

Good luck!