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Metroid Prime: Corruption

Tuesday, September 4th, 2007


I finally got my copy of Metroid Prime 3 yesterday. I had asked for it to be shipped DHL from Video Games Plus which they did but they sent it to my old UK address. Fortunately both of us caught this quickly and they managed to get another copy DHL-ed to me.

Anyway I spent a couple of hours playing it last night and managed to get through 2 bosses (or one boss and a mini boss depending on how you look at it). As I have not managed to complete it I’ll give you my first impressions.

Firstly Wow! It looks great, ok not HD great but for a Wii game it looks amazing. The first few minutes or hours are very different from a normal Metroid game in that 1) you have people speaking to you 2) you don’t have to kill everything you meet and 3) you get some help in places. This might put off die-hard fans but for me it fleshes out Samus’s world a little more without removing any of the core Metroid elements.


Pop™ Audio Auditions are done

Tuesday, September 4th, 2007

We have reached a decision on who we will be using for Audio. The quality level was really high across all the companies we auditioned (which is good for quality and bad for making decisions!).


We would like to congratulate and welcome Game Audio Australia who we are confident will provide us with some great music and effects.