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Spirit Hunters Inc briefing (part 2)

Thursday, November 22nd, 2012

Welcome back trainee Spirit Hunters! Glad you could join me for the second part of my briefing. If you remember, in the first briefing I discussed some of the basics of spirit hunting – scanning, Abilities, Items and traps – and then started to discuss battle tactics. Let’s pick up form there.

As well as using the Fire element’s Burn and Warm Heart as passive ability combinations, there are other exciting combinations which you can take advantage of too! For example some passive abilities apply a debuff to the spirit and in doing so make another ability become active. Here’s an example:


Infection is a Fungal passive ability which gives a Fungal aligned spirit hunter a chance to Infect the spirit each time one of their Fungal attacks hits it. When Infected the spirit takes additional Fungal damage every few seconds. While this is cool in itself, when you also buy Outbreak and Pestilence it becomes really interesting: (more…)

Spirit Hunters Inc competition winners!

Wednesday, November 21st, 2012


Well, that was a popular competition! After almost 350 entries we’re delighted to bring you the winners of our Spirit Hunters Inc competition.

Many of you found all 6 spirits, increasing your chances of winning. Thanks to everyone for taking part.

The winners are: (more…)

Spirit Hunters Inc briefing from Baron Leopold von Specter III (Grand Master Spirit Hunter)

Tuesday, November 20th, 2012


Hello there! I’m glad to see so many potential Spirit Hunters Inc trainees at this special briefing session. We at Spirit Hunters Inc are grateful for your attention and especially thankful that you’re considering a career with Spirit Hunters Inc to rid the world of these pesky spirits!

If you decide to help us, for a very small fee we will allow you to download our special Spirit Hunters Inc software which turns your Nintendo DSi or Nintendo 3DS into a powerful spirit hunting device. As a new recruit you need to pop open your NIntendo DSi or Nintendo 3DS wherever you find yourself and hunt, battle and capture as many spirits as you can. Spirits can either be defeated (by draining their health bar completely) or captured (by trapping them with special Spirit Hunters Inc traps) when their health is low. The more spirits you defeat, the more XP you will get and the quicker you’ll level up! The more spirits you capture, the more money (in the form of Ghoulders) you will get, making it easier to afford all of the cool abilities on offer! (more…)

Competition – win a copy of Spirit Hunters Inc

Thursday, November 15th, 2012



With the release of Spirit Hunters Inc just around the corner (November 22nd!), we want to give you the opportunity to hone your spirit hunting skills.

We’ve heard a Level 10 (very rare) gold spirit has infiltrated the Nnooo website and we need your help to find it. Have a search round our site and look for the hidden spirit. If you find it, email us its name at so we can identify the little critter. (See Hints & Tips below for a clue to where he might be hiding.)

As a reward for helping us, we’ll put you into a draw to win a free copy of Spirit Hunters Inc: Light or Spirit Hunters Inc: Shadow.

More Chances to Win!

We’ve also heard that there are spirits lurking in the following community sites: (more…)