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Pop the cork and enjoy some bubbly fun!

Tuesday, January 6th, 2009

Helping to bring in the New Year with a bit of bubbly Nnooo are releasing an updated version of Pop on the iPhone/iPod Touch as well as a brand new 99¢ app – Pop Chill.


This new patch has a substantial amount of content for a free update. The new Bonus mode allows users to play three, five or ten levels of each of the three bonus rounds with each level being harder than the last.


The new Bonus round Defend tasks the player with preventing any bubbles from getting to the other side of the screen, while the original Detonate requires the player to set of a chain reaction and Machine Gun is a bubble Pop-ping frenzy.

“We believe in continually updating our games so the user can get more content for their original outlay. Once they buy the game we will continually add new modes and features to make the game a worthwhile investment,” said Nic Watt creative director at Nnooo.