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The Nnooo Mo Bros

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

When November comes around it’s time to participate in the facial-hair-athon which is known in these parts as Movember. This involves growing a “Mo” for the whole month to raise awareness and money for 2 great charities: Beyond Blue, a mental health charity, and The Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia.

This year was no different than any other. We started off wondering what we would look like with facial hair, delighted at not having to properly shave for a month. However, as the month progressed, our chins and upper lips became increasingly itchy and hair had to be trimmed to stop it from sticking in our mouths! Yuck! As usual, by the end of the month we are ready to get rid of our facial monstrosities. Full shaves WILL happen tomorrow morning!

Except of course for Steven (far right), who thinks he looks rather handsome in a beardy kind of way. We’ve seen this before. There’s always someone who thinks they’ll carry on after the end of the month. But facial hair is hard to live with and in the end they all give up. We wonder how long he’ll last?

This year we’ve raised over $750. Many thanks to everyone who sponsored us. If you wish to donate, our Movember sponsorship page will be open long after November ends.

Go to our Movember 2011 album on Facebook for the rest of the pictures.