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Spirit Hunters Inc briefing from Baron Leopold von Specter III (Grand Master Spirit Hunter)

Tuesday, November 20th, 2012


Hello there! I’m glad to see so many potential Spirit Hunters Inc trainees at this special briefing session. We at Spirit Hunters Inc are grateful for your attention and especially thankful that you’re considering a career with Spirit Hunters Inc to rid the world of these pesky spirits!

If you decide to help us, for a very small fee we will allow you to download our special Spirit Hunters Inc software which turns your Nintendo DSi or Nintendo 3DS into a powerful spirit hunting device. As a new recruit you need to pop open your NIntendo DSi or Nintendo 3DS wherever you find yourself and hunt, battle and capture as many spirits as you can. Spirits can either be defeated (by draining their health bar completely) or captured (by trapping them with special Spirit Hunters Inc traps) when their health is low. The more spirits you defeat, the more XP you will get and the quicker you’ll level up! The more spirits you capture, the more money (in the form of Ghoulders) you will get, making it easier to afford all of the cool abilities on offer! (more…)