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Unlocking the Secrets of escapeVektor (part 1)

Tuesday, December 18th, 2012

Can you help Vektor escape?

Welcome to the first in a series of three features detailing the ins and outs of escapeVektor™. This is our first release on PlayStation®Vita and first Nintendo eShop title, so we’re super excited to give you some details on what you’ll be up against!

Avoiding Patrols, Electric Fences & Cannons!

escapeVektor is a retro styled arcade game in which the player controls Vektor, an entity trapped inside the player’s CPU. Each node (level) consists of a series of interconnected lines which form cells. These are claimed as Vektor moves along them. Claiming all of the cells in a node unlocks the exit to the next node, bringing Vektor closer to his escape.

However, this is no ordinary CPU. It has held Vektor captive for what feels like an eternity and it doesn’t want him to leave now. As Vektor progresses with his escape, the CPU sets up obstacles and sends out its army to destroy him.

In the first part of our escapeVektor feature we have a look at one of the enemy types and some of the obstacles Vektor has to deal with during his escape. (more…)