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Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

The reviewer, KnucklesSonic8, took a long hard look at our latest versions of myNotebook.  See below for his insightful thoughts or click here for the link.

myNotebook: Carbon, Pearl, Tan – DSiWare App Review

As a follow-up to the successes of myNotebook, Nnooo made plans to launch 3 new additions to this selection of apps at a higher cost. And being the fan that I am of the myLifeConnected series, I became enthusiastic over the new promised features. Question is, does it live up to what it intended to be? (more…)

Nnooo launches myNotebook: Pearl in the Americas

Thursday, August 26th, 2010

Sydney, August 26, 2010

PRESS RELEASE: Nnooo announces the launch date of myNotebook: Pearl™ for Nintendo DSiWare™ in the Americas.

myNotebook: Pearl, the second in the new series of myNotebook™ releases, goes on sale in the Americas on Monday 30 August. The updated myNotebooks allow the user to save 128 pages, export their notes to their Nintendo DSi Photo Album and unlock brand new page types. They also feature new icons to indicate the time and current battery level.

The launch of myNotebook: Carbon™ and myNotebook: Pearl in Europe, Australia and New Zealand on August 27 has also recently been announced.

“There are now 5 myNotebook colours to choose from and with the launch of myNotebook: Tan™ expected in September, we will have a range of products for all tastes!” said Nnooo’s Creative Director, Nic Watt. (more…)