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Resistance: Fall of Man

Monday, April 23rd, 2007


Got a this with my PS3 at Christmas. I know its like 5 months later but World of Warcraft and work have been eating up a lot of my time so its been hard to write!



Its the Second World War but in a parallel universe. There are no nazis, instead a mutant/alien plague has escaped Russia and spread across Europe to the UK. You and some American Allies must fight of this scourge and save the world. Nice graphical showcase for the PS3 and an interesting plot line (well instead of the usual WWII fps shlock).



The game is a first person shooter and so uses the usual: left stick for move and strafe and the right for turn and look. Strangely the triggers are not used for weapons by default (although this can be configured). At certain points you have to shake the control to get rid of bad guys who attach themselves to you.