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An open letter to Andrew Stoner, MP

Thursday, February 14th, 2013


The Interactive Media Fund is a grant-based fund, administered by Screen NSW, to help grow the interactive media industry in New South Wales through supporting the creation of new interactive digital content. The fund, initially called the Digital Media Initiative, was launched in December 2010 and committed to providing $1.5m per year over a 3 year period to develop the digital media industry in NSW, of which video games is a key component. Since launch the fund has provided grant income to a number of small video game companies, including ourselves. This, we believe, has helped grow the video game industry across NSW. The initial 3 year commitment comes to an end in June this year and continuation of the fund is currently under review.

We believe that a fund of this nature is vital to foster the development of the local video games industry and urge Andrew Stoner MP, NSW Minister for Trade and Investment, to continue the legacy of this important fund through another round of committed grant funding. Nic has written an open letter to him which is shown below.

If you live in NSW and share our view that this vital fund should continue, please write to Mr Stoner at We have provided an email template here. Feel free to use this template in its entirety or to change it to suit your circumstances. It is really important that Mr Stoner hears our views during this review period. Help us persuade Mr Stoner of the importance of this initiative and together we can continue to grow the burgeoning video game industry in NSW. (more…)

NSW Govt’s Digital Media Initiative

Tuesday, December 14th, 2010

It has been a long time coming but at last the New South Wales government has produced an initiative which will help the state’s independent games community. This might go some way towards closing the gap which currently exists between the industry-supportive Queensland & Victorian governments and New South Wales. The initiative takes the form of a $1.5m fund per annum for the next 3 years, available to eligible businesses immediately. Eligible businesses include games studios and mobile or online content developers with funding categories ranging from early stage development through to established businesses looking to accelerate their growth to the next stage of development. Support is also available to attend international markets and trade fairs such as GDC in San Francisco. For more information click here.