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Here’s an update packed full of stories

Thursday, September 20th, 2012

So you know we’ve been working like crazy to get these games finished, don’t you? Of course you do, especially if you follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

And we’ve been a little slack lately when it comes to updating this blog. So let’s get you up to date.

Spirit Hunters Inc is finished! Yes, you read correctly! FINISHED, FINISHED, FINISHED! So we can say with 100% certainty it will be released in the final quarter of this year. As soon as we have a date and price agreed with Nintendo we’ll issue a press release. We’ve also made a whole load of cool videos which we’ll be releasing once the launch date is announced, and of course we’ll be updating the Spirit Hunters Inc website with new spirit concept artwork like the images you see here, eventually showing all the spirit families. (more…)

GDC Diary (Part 3)

Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

Friday March 9th – Camaraderie with a Convict, a Conductor and a Flight Controller

What, the last day of the conference already? But it felt like we’d only just arrived in San Francisco! We had no time to waste. There were more cool presentations to go to.

Today’s talks covered how games get reviewed, marketing for indies, and for us the most interesting presentation of the day, “Awesome Video Game Data”.

The Awesome Video Game Data talk was given by Geoffrey Zatkin of video game research firm EEDAR. We were already familiar with this company as we’d seen presentations from them at the Game Connect Asia Pacific conferences in Australia over the last couple of years. These guys have teams of analysts constantly reviewing video game data from which they extrapolate key industry statistics. These aren’t just interesting facts and figures though. This stuff can help you plan your business strategy. They never fail to impress us with their in-depth knowledge of this huge industry. Here’s some of the awesome data we were presented with: (more…)